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Discussion in 'Camper Restoration Projects' started by Elaine Rowe, Jul 18, 2019.

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    Jul 18, 2019
    510360F9-94FF-4349-8983-C9DD58361150.jpeg Hello!
    I am wondering if anyone has removed an interior slidout bed/cabinets? I’m thinking to pull mine out and replace with better storage options like a wide cabinet. Looking for tips, or pictures?

    I’ve attached a picture of what I want to remove - the long bench that is against the side of the camper (where our camper mascot is sitting). The drawers underneath are cramped and pretty much unusable, and the pull out bed makes everything very cramped when it’s actually out. We have never used it, it becomes a catch all space, but will have children in the future... I’m think a place to put shoes, supplies, etc will be much better for our camping style.
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    Instead of drawers why not convert them to just doors with the storage inside all open. This way you still keep the couch/bed. Removing the drawers and converting to all open space under there will increase the storage and allow you to place bigger items in there. We have a cabinet in ours next to the door that we use to store all of our footwear.
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    I did just that , ripped out all my draws. I like the bench for sitting, never as a bed. Im not sure making it wider is a good idea, you will not be able to walk! Another option is to make it like a toy chest, with a top that opens. No need to rip it out, just rebuild the top. Then you have better access and a seat.
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