Removing canvas from 1998 Starcraft Spacemaker

Discussion in 'Canvas / Awnings / Add a Rooms / Tarps / Tents' started by barrientosbunch, Dec 1, 2019.

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    79459955_2766971263323315_8285546274002829312_n.jpg 79089826_2766971069990001_6271271878501859328_n.jpg 78629006_2766971193323322_1040564528783294464_n.jpg

    How do I remove this canvas for the dinette slide? Photos attached for the left side (inside looking out). There is velcro along the side, what goes in that area? There is NO velcro on the right side of the dining slide canvas. Same issue with the cord running through a sewn channel.
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    Why wouldn’t you just open the blue wire connectors and pry each wire out? Then you can slide the wire out thru the vertical ‘tunnel’ in the canvas. When replacing, just place the wires back in the blue squeeze connector and re-squeeze the wire end in, then snap the side of the connector to relocate it. Easy-peasy.
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