Removing dinette?


Sep 5, 2014
Has anyone ever removed or modified the dinette in a PUP? We have a Freedom 1640 and I have been trying to think of a way to change the dinette booth to suit us better. I find lots of ideas that were done in RVs but most can't be done in a PUP. I have two ideas:
1. Move one bench to the side and make it an L-shape and use a free standing table.
2. Remove one bench completely and put a cabinet with a fold up table ledge.

DH is leaning towards the L shape with the short side on the bunk end (Hope that makes sense) Design wise it would give more room if the other bench was turned but he'd have to move the tank and the controller (?)


Mar 31, 2011
Norfolk, Virginia
I haven't removed a dinette, but I'll tell you one thing that makes a huge difference. Get rid of the stupid folding, ironing board style legs under the table. They're ridiculous! The only reason they're there is so you can take the table outside & use it. I NEVER have. Aside from that, 90% of the time they're kicking you in the leg every time you try to sit in the dinette. I changed over to double chrome boat-style single poles with floor mounts. You will want more that one of these pole mounts on a table though for the stability.


Sep 5, 2014
We have the pedestal type which I hate. It wobbles and you can't move it which is why I am looking for other ideas. I'd rather not put it up but you still have the round flange in the middle to trip over.


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Jul 30, 2014
I changed the legs on our table. I hated the pedestal style legs that were wobbly and a pain to line up. I put on a pair of folding legs and like them so much better. Much easier to set up and makes it a lot easier to get in/out by sliding the table to one side.

If you do remove or modify the dinette, take a good look at how it is attached to the wall. Cabinets are usually used for reinforcing the walls, so whatever you build will need to replicate that.


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May 28, 2018
In my FnR, the table takes up so much aisle space that I just took it out and got a TV tray. Being able to fold the tray and store it opens up the space a lot. For the flange, just over it with a small rug and you won't trip on it.


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Oct 1, 2014
South Central New Hampshire
You can remove the flange. I am in the process or relocating our dinette and removing one of the bench seats. I also removed the Fridge & cabinet. So when I an done the sofa that goes from side to side in the rear will be one of the dinette benches the other will be were the fridge was. This will free up a tone of floor space and widen the seating area of the dinette.