Repair cracks in plastic trim


Feb 20, 2021
I have a Forestriver Viking Epic 1906ST. The plastic cover around the storage trunk is cracked in multiple places. How can this be repaired? Can I fill / seal the cracks with silicone? Is there a better sealant option?



Super Active Member
May 31, 2018
Got any pictures? Where are the cracks? Tbh, if it cracked because its not suported well, it will probably not hold up. Can you add some bracing in the lid? Or are the cracks not on the lid? Sealent is good, but if the stuff moves and seperates , it will probably be a short lived fix. Depending on the size and location of the cracks.

Dave Fro

Sep 21, 2020
I have used quad max on the box trim. It seems good. I had a million cracks on the trim just above the lid in area between lid and main trailer. I used a strip of gorilla waterproof patch and seal tape. It is pretty robust stuff and is UV resistant. It adds some strength to the whole area which will help if any other cracks develop. I ran a few strips all the way up the trailer body so that the top strip is just about under the roof when closed so that no drips can get in. Apply from the bottom up so drips don’t get under a strip.