Replaced Dometic Fridge with Insignia Fridge


Mar 26, 2017
Jacksonville FL
insignia fridge.jpg fridge install part 1.jpg final fridge.jpg fridge back side.jpg
The last camping trip (June: Anastasia Beach) our fridge temp never got below 55 degrees,,,,,,,

Paid $100 for the Insignia Fridge (no freezer) from Best Buy. It's 94 outside and the fridge is at 38 degrees. We never camp off grid.... so now our fridge will actually be useful! Width wise the fit was perfect. Used a small piece of wood to level out the back and secure to the floor. Then I thought about a Home Depot trip to fill in the top gap...... but an over abundance of pool noodles in my garage was too easy a fix! The only issue: the new fridge door is bowed so I had to take off a drawer handle on the front of the drop-down sink.


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Mar 27, 2022
Was your previous fridge a 3 point...meaning elec/propane/battery? If so, what is involved to "cap off" the propane?