replaced regulator, no gas flow.

Dave Brick

El Cheapo Family Camper
Nov 29, 2010
Went camping with the family last weekend. Opened the propane tank, heard and smelled a leak. Diagnosed a failed and leaking regulator. Ordered a replacement from etrailer, which seems suitable, and fits. Tightened all connections. Opened the tank again, Didn't smell anything or hear any leaks. I did not hear any gas flowing either. Connected my outside portable stove to the outside rear gas connection and opened the valves on the stove. No sound, no smell, no gas. The 20# tank is full.

We got through the weekend with a 1# propane bottle to run the outside stove, but we had no furnace. Still a fun weekend.

1) Could be a faulty new regulator?
2) The real question- does the popup need to be up and have the inside stove flipped up in order for gas to flow? It's kind of cold up here in Buffalo already and I didn't want to pop it up if I don't have to.

Thanks for any help.

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May 31, 2018
1) it could be
2) i dont remember, but dont think so.
I would check your conections, and did you use pipe dope or tape. I once taped over a fitting on a water conection in a tight spot, took me forever to figure out why the faucet wasn't getting water.

Also, try closing the bottle, opening and closing all the outlets, then slowly open the bottle again.


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Oct 3, 2007
Waterford, Ct
Try this ......... shut everything off including the tank. Now open the tank valve just a little, then shut it off ....... do this about 5 times then slowly turn the tank full on. The tank has a safety valve built into it. If it is turned on quickly and full on with an empty system the tank may sense the sudden large flow of gas as a major leak and shut down. Every time you slowly open the valve a little it will send a small amount of gas into the system after the 5 or 6 times the system will no longer be completely empty the the safety valve will stay open. Just something to try and it costs nothing. Good Luck

Dave Brick

El Cheapo Family Camper
Nov 29, 2010
FIXED! Thanks for the ideas everyone. Anthony, I checked the directionality 3 separate times, it is and was correct.
SJM, I thought about that, I used tape but didn't want to disconnect and reconnect until I exhausted other possibilities.
Ray, I tried the slow opening a few times. Then I foolishly tried unscrewing the main connection without closing the gas valve. At least I confirmed there was propane in the tank! Still was not getting flow to the rear connector.

Went to the stove and hose connecting the outside connection to the stove. On the stove end of that hose there is a Schrader valve. I pushed the little pin in with a small screwdriver and gas started flowing. I reconnected and the stove lit perfectly. It appears the Schrader valve was stuck. Now everything is fine. Thanks for your ideas.
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