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    Apr 13, 2010
    HI There, been a while since we've owned a trailer since my wife went back to school. We have bought a 1997 Jayco eagle 1006 and it's in need of new mattresses. Anyone in Canada know of any economical choices and what's the thickest mattresses I could have and still close the roof? Thank you in advance
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    Jul 7, 2018
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    For my late 90s Coleman Santa Fe, we went to Foam Factory Canada. They offer multiple densities of custom cut foam and even washable custom covers. We tried the firmest a few years back but it was like a rock. Then we went to the medium and it was just right for us. Keep in mind that you are on plywood and not a spring platform or a box spring, so it is less yielding

    This was what I got.

    HD-36 High Quality

    · (1) 82” x 76” x 4” Sheet

    CUT TO: (1) 77” X 70” X 4”

    · (1) 54” X 80” X 4” Sheet

    CUT TO: (1) 77” x 48” x 4”

    Custom Gray & White Covers

    (1) 77” x 70” x 4”

    (1) 77” x 48” x 4”

    · Cutting Charge = $20.00

    · Custom Order Set-Up Charge $12.99

    · Shipping Charges = Included
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    Do the tissue box test to find out the space limitations you have, since those vary a lot depending on camper and even tenting type (some fold smaller than others).
    Place an empty tissue box, or one of similar weight cardboard on the bed platform. Close the pup up as usual. When you open it, the now-squished height of the box is the space you have to work with.
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    Jun 6, 2011
    We also did foam factory. 5" poly foam. We found the HD36 to be a bit too hard. The 5" foam is great, but it's really a bit too thick and we have trouble getting it all closed. This is a 98 Coleman Mesa. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the 4". We just bought a full sheet and cut it ourselves. Having them cut it is certainly cleaner that what I did on my own. But I'm cheap and I used the excess foam in other things. We are on year 5 of the 5" poly and it still feels brand new.

    For covers we bought king size waterproof covers on Amazon. They are a bit of a sloppy fit, but have held up well and protected the mattress.
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    Definitely do the tissue box test before buying. I used to own a 1990 jayco 1006 and the factory cushions had imprints of the ceiling. So I had no room between cushions and ceiling on mine. I was only able to leave a sheet on my bed anything thicker the roof wouldn't close. My old jayco had the old fashioned canvas that you see on the old army tents so that probably did not help.

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