Replacing awning holder/ brace on a 1998 Coleman Fleetwood GrandTour Sea Pine


May 17, 2022
First time poster here, My camper outer shell roof was loose and cracked from the sun. Ive taken the outer shell off and will be doing the spray on truck bed liner trick today. When I ripped off the roof the awning holder piece (Im new! don't know what its called) came off with it as it was just glued on to the outer shell. Because the previous owners had used some extra glues and such Im having a hard time separating the awning holder from the piece of outer shell. My question is can I just buy a new piece like this (see photo) instead of trying to separate it from the roof piece? Im also on the search for a new awning and Id like an add a room as well. I'll be searching the forums for those for sale. Thankyou to all who have read this, happy to be here!


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