Request for Sun Valley storage mods please

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  1. The Manchacan

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    Feb 25, 2012
    We finally took the pup out for an extended trip. Have decided that manufacturers made pups "look" good on the interior, but they went cheap and sacrificed storage and utility. I am thinking of removing the storage facade from the long sofa bed and just slide our storage bins and long items under there for easier access and maximizing space. Anyone else done this?

    I also fubar'ed the galley counter. It rained the night prior to our departure and so I opened up the pup when we returned to dry it out. I opened up the windows for air circulation and when I did i left the plastic galley window laying over the counter. I failed to recognize that I had just trapped any moisture under the plastic and the next day the entire rear edge of the counter was swollen and split apart. I have to repair it before we can use it again. Any suggestions to improve storage potential from eliminating the inside stove are appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sep 13, 2011
    We bought a couple waterproof packing boxes that we put games and toys in (bocce ball, squirt guns, bean bag toss) , and store them under the camper. Then we pull them out when we need something. I am also hoping, this winter, to install a large PVC pipe under the frame to store the awning mat during transport and storage. Also, we keep all our clothes in the back of our TV while we are camping.
  3. ghacker

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    Nov 8, 2009
    With a flat surface, that'll give you some room for Sterilite drawers like this. We use two 3 drawer units an two singles on top of those. Each person gets 2 and individuals prepack their own. We're able to transport them in the PUP.
  4. jab2181

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    Jul 4, 2012
    Not much help on the Sun Valley part, but with the counter depending on size of counter go to HD or Lowes and get the thickness you need and round the edges. There is a product on e-bay called fake granite and you can cover it with that. Amazingly it looks like real granite. Or stain it! Good luck

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