Requesting a "Certificate of Insurance" for Aliner Repair Work

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    Here is how to protect yourself before you let a repair business loose on your Aliner or other A-frame trailer. If the business has no insurance and the trailer is stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed while the repair business in the possession of your trailer you could experience a catastrophic loss.

    Some repair businesses may operate without a published business address, business license, bonding surety, proper business insurance, public web review comments (google and yelp), and the many other aspects that normally accompany a legitimate repair business.

    Requesting that the business insurance provider merely send you a certificate of insurance (at no cost to you) should not offend a legitimate repair business. If the business owner balks at this suggestion, you might be dealing with an illegal underground and uninsured repair business. It is important to have this certificate in hand before turning over your trailer to a (potentially illegal) repair business.

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    Sounds like a good idea for any vehicle repair.
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