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    Charbonneau Park and Fishhook Park
    State: WA
    Nearest City: Burbank (Pasco is not much farther)
    GPS coordinates: 46.2567, -118.8435
    Run by: Army Corp of Engineers
    Reservations accepted: Yes
    Number of sites: 37 electric, 15 full, 15 overflow/primitive
    Water: Yes
    Facilities: flush toilets, showers
    Hookups: full or electric-only.

    Charbonneau park is on lake Sacajawea, formed behind the Ice Harbor dam on the Snake River. It’s a large park with a camping area, small bay with docks and marina, and a day use/swimming area. It is in the desert, but there is lawn and plenty of established large shade trees. Sites are big but without any privacy. It’s near enough to Pasco that you can easily head out to a restaurant for dinner if that’s your thing.

    The park is popular for fishing, watersports, sailing, as a stopover for full-time RVers, and a weekend getaway for locals. It is open year-round, and free during the off season but no hookups or water are available then. Since it’s ran by the Army Corp of Engineers, the feds can generally snub their noses at state burn bans so fires are always OK there. I recommend reservations although there are a few sites kept as FCFS which you may have luck with.

    There is a train line that runs nearby, but I only see 1-2 trains a day.

    Fishhook park is very similar, just about 5 miles upriver and a little smaller. I’m including them in the same review because I consider them pretty much “sister” parks. I have not camped at Fishhook yet, but have "scoped it out".

    Oh, and keep your food locked away in the camper or car. Skunks at night are a big problem there, don't ask me how I know ;-)

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