Review: KOA at Cascade Locks, The Dalles, OR


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Jun 24, 2013
Just a quick review to give back to the forum. We cheated and rented a cabin and put us up in there (but had our fire and cooking all outside).

Train noise. Number one problem. All night long, the freight trains come through and lay on the horn. Expect this 4 or 5 times a night.

Other than that, you are close to many other scenic views in the area.


May 20, 2014
We've been camping a lot in the Gorge the last couple years. Didn't know of this place. Normally stay at Ainsworth State Park when we're around Cascade Locks. Marine Park, also right is town, is nice to visit, it's where the locks were. Camping there might be weird: small lawn area with a dozen completely open sites. ------------------ Trains and freeways are pretty much a fact of life camping on the Columbia in the Gorge. One of each on either side and most places you can hear them all. Tugs too, which are way quieter, low and rumbly, but last a long time. It's narrow and a major transportation corridor, but spectacular. Have stayed at Memaloose State Park, farther east, when the crickets were louder than the trains. Also the wind. Major wind, sometimes.