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Discussion in 'New York' started by 3hooligans, Sep 16, 2016.

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    Jul 27, 2014
    Moose Hillock Camping Resort
    10366 State Route 149
    Fort Ann, NY

    We stayed here for 5 nights over Labor Day 2016. Rates are variable depending on when you stay.

    This Campground has 290 full hook up sites. All of the sites have an 8-foot picnic table and fireplace. Most are three large stones, we were able to use the cooking grate we brought with us. All of the sites are gravel based, very large and semi private; there is vegetation, a high berm or trees separating all sites. Our site was very large, our site was approximately 60 x 30, Most of the sites accommodated all size rigs and vehicles. The sites are all pretty level, only a few turns on the BAL leveler. The roads are wide and gravel covered.

    The bathhouses are clean, new and bright. They are scattered through out the grounds. The showers are coin operated, but my family and myself only ever used 1 quarter each, with plenty of hot water.
    There is also Laundry on site which was a bit pricey, but my wife told me they were top of the line Maytag machines.

    The store was very well staffed, stocked and open til 9 during the week and 10 on the weekend. Ice was 2 dollars plus tax; Wood was 8 dollars for a bundle of kiln dried. We purchased there and a few places in the town, I found hard wood for 6dollars for 8 pieces, and soft wood 14 dollars for 20 pieces.
    Propane at the Campground was 19 per tank, I found for 9 dollars per tank down the road.

    The POOL was a hit, clean, cool with two water slides. There was an attendant at each slide, but no lifeguard. You do need a wristband that is given to you upon check-in, do not lose it or it will be 10 dollars per day to replace, we brought one of the boys who had ripped theirs and it was replaced for free. There is a snack area at the pool that we did not use.

    The arcade was a hit for my kids. The Playground was pretty big; there is also a basketball court and open field area all located near the Pavilion and pool.
    They do have golf cart rentals with varying prices for rent.

    The staff was friendly and not over bearing. Each night of the weekend there was entertainment that the kids took part in. One night was A Magician, horse and pony rides, candy bar bingo and a few crafts.

    There is also Church service on Saturday afternoons that we did not partake in.

    Overall the Campground is two years old, and remains very clean, when some of the trees mature it will be even more private. Quiet hours were adhered to even on the holiday weekend. We definitely enjoyed our stay, we had the privacy we enjoy, the amenities that the kids loved, and it was an easy 4-hour drive.

    We will definitely return to the Campground.

    It is located 10 miles from Lake George, 5 miles from the outlets. We ventured off to Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain, which was an hour away. Well worth the entire day, get there early.

    We also took a ride on the steamship through the lake and narrows on Lake George. If we were to do it again, we would take the one, which went from one end of the lake to the other.

    Prospect Mountain, we attempted to hike, but it was too steep for the kids and not well maintained. We ended up driving up and taking in the view. A nice drive.
    In other states we have been able to find or purchase a trail map, information about the area or history. We were disappointed that this was lacking.

    We also went to Saratoga Springs for the Horse racing. That was a lot of fun; the kids loved being able to get up close to the horses and the race.
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    We camped here this July (2017) for 8 nights. All of the positives of the previous poster are correct.
    I would like to add that the roads are wide with easily enough room for parking the camper.
    The sites are large, private and mostly level.
    The campground and bathhouses are very clean.
    My complaints are;
    Most of my complaints are based on the price. If I wasn't paying almost $100 a night some of these would be excusable. But, this is billed as a 'Resort' type campground, not a small family owned or state park...
    The store was a bit of a disappointment as it was more of a toy store than a camp store.
    No trash collection.
    The WIFI is only at the store area. Again, if i was in a different type of campground, no big deal. But a new, resort type campground, in today's world, it should have WiFi throughout.
    Activities are poorly planned. Our group of 12 went to candy bar bingo. They played one game. One kid went home with over 60 candy bars. Both as a parent of a kid playing, and even if my child won the game, there is no way I would want them to have 60 candy bars. The activity lasted 10 minutes.
    They claim to be "pet friendly", finding a decent place for them to do their business is tricky.
    The rules signs are everywhere saying "NO" this or that...
    Laundry is $7 a load. In the laundry room, there is no change machine. The machines do not take credit cards and the office staff looked at me like I had a third eye when asking for a a couple of rolls of quarters. I had to get $20 worth of quarters from the change machine in the arcade and walk, with all of the quarters, up the hill to the laundry room.
    You have to pay for showers. Again $100 a night....
    The rock roads are rather difficult to walk on unless you have real shoes on. Flip flops or other casual shoes are almost un-doable.
    And last but not least, the handout of religious pamphlets during check-in is completely uncalled for. I am a firm believer in, believe what you want to believe, but don't push your beliefs on me.
    We will not be returning. Hopefully this will just add a bit more information to your choice.

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