Rockwood Premier shower and hot water heater issues

Discussion in 'First Time & New Camper Owners' started by tncopperhead, Jun 2, 2020.

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    Jul 20, 2018
    I bought a 2007 Rockwood Premier 2515G two years ago. I have only camped in it once due to health reasons. The campground did not have any electricity or water, so I was unable to test all the features of the camper. Now, I am in better shape physically and have started checking things out to see what works and what does not. I am pretty sure the dealer I bought it from showed me how that shower worked at the time. But now, I can't get anything but a few drips to come out of the faucet. I know that water is getting to the faucet because I pulled the line off and squirted water all over the floor! I was wondering if the faucets are replaceable or if that is even my problem. I have the same results with both the hot and cold handles and with both city and on-board water.

    Also, I have not been able to get my pilot light for my water heater to light. I know that the propane is going though the system because my stove will light. I've looked everywhere for a valve that may be off but had no luck. Again, I believe this was working at the dealership. Any suggestions?
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    Unscrew all the connections for the shower head and look for sand, grit, or gravel clogging it, particularly at the screen.
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    I had trouble lighting my water heater the first couple of times I tried to use it. Turned out I was not directing the flame at the thermocouple accurately. See if you can find a video of someone lighting a similar heater. If it still won't work, the thermocouple itself may need to be replaced.
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    Welcome from the Connecticut shoreline.

    Any first time users I like to remind them to make sure the water heater is full of water ....... as a safety concern.

    Here's a link to lighting a Suburban water heater ...... if it doesn't look like yours ... post the model of yours and I will find a different link.

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    Faucet: The wand handle itself has a second on/off on it. You twist the showerhead, this might be your issue.

    Raycfe posed a video, but here is a image I prepared a few years ago when I too needed to figure out how to light the water heater:

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