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    Dec 2, 2018
    I'm finally in the homestretch of replacing the sideboards on my Flagstaff high wall. One thing I still haven't addressed is latch buckles it whatever you call them. I'm only concerned with the party that attaches to the sideboards. I didn't remove the latches themselves. Since I'm pretty sure this is where my rot originated the first time around I want you address it properly.

    Just curious what others have done to reattach the latch clips. The original sideboards had a backer that the screws went into. Still they obviously didn't hold. My thought was to drill holes entirely through the sideboards and replace the screws with some sort of bolt/washer/nut combo. Not sure what to put behind the clip on the outside to maintain water proof... Probably just a smear of dicor? Some sort of gasket? Rubber washers on the outside?

    I haven't drilled anything yet either. My plan is to put the roof down entirely and line the clips where they need to be since the latch part is still on the camper body.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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