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    What would I do without you guys to answer my millions of questions? Here is the latest.

    When I bought by pup in the fall I noticed it needed to be recaulked. Then my Mom became terminally ill and had a liver transplant and life got crazy, so she sat under a cover until July. Sadly, it seems that cover wasn't fully waterproof and I now have to replace side boards along with caulking. I've watched a bunch of videos and think I can handle it. But have a few concerns:

    What is under the center trim? Is it two pieces of aluminum and that is a seam? I was planning on taking off the trim, putting down eternabond, putting trim over that, caulking over screws then reinserting the vinyl insert. Newbie question -- will the aluminum fall off or become out of place if I take off the entire metal trim? Is there a better way to do this?

    Second, owners manual says I have folded corners. If I take off the end caps will there be any surprises such as unfolding seams?

    Last, what is the best way to soften and remove old caulking in order to take off end caps and trim?

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