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    Sep 11, 2018
    hey everyone, just came back from a nice engagement anniversary campout, problem arises when we were on our way back, I guess two screws came loose on the vent cover and it started flapping in the wind, it was ok at first but we got a few big wind bursts and the plastic broke at one of the remaining screws, so I pulled over and removed it before it went flying on the road, now my question is: is a vent cover really necessary? and how do I climb on the roof to reinstall one without going through the roof? is the roof strong enough to hold me?
    thanks in advance
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    Oct 3, 2007
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    Well if your fan still has a lid, no you don't need a cover. Ours has a built in rain cover so I can leave it open all the time.
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    Depends on the unit whether it will support you weight, some people used a piece of plywood lain over the top to support weight. If you are talking about the actual lid that opens and closes usually from a handle inside. You will need another lid or rain etc. will come thru. If it has a cover over the vent then you would be ok without it.
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