Rover service - pet sitting/boarding - anyone ever use


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Jul 17, 2016
Webster, NY
With our upcoming trip to Geneva in July my older song asked if we could spend a day in Cleveland, since we'll have our two dogs, this presented a problem. I started looking for pet sitters and came across a web site/service called Rover, seems to be any individual(s) can register and post their pet-sitting/boarding services, just about all of them appear to be at their homes.

Just curious if anyone has any experience with this service, seems like a win-win since the rates are much cheaper than any vet or brick and mortar pet day care (one person we contacted quoted us $40 for both dogs for 9 hours).

The people build up ratings and receive feedback on the site so if it's all legit then puts most concerns to rest.


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Oct 20, 2014
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Have never used the service you are referring to but have had several unpleasant incidents at locations I worked hard to research & inspected myself. Have also have quite a few good experiences with pet sitting services. The unpleasant incidences involved boarding my dogs at vets, specialty boarding facilities & one particular doggie daycare center. The good experiences varied. Two were doggie daycare facilities complete with web cams on which you can view things. Both of those arrange dogs in playgroups based not only on size but also activity levels. They put my senior Greyhound in with the large, active dogs, but my young, timid Deerhound was put in with the senior dogs who slept all day. Both dogs were happier that way. The Deerhound would have been miserable with a bunch of Labs, Weims, Std Poodles, etc, bouncing around all the time.

Other good experiences involved private parties who accept dogs for in-home boarding also varied. Two were folks who had rooms set up with panels to divide things up into individual "condos". The dogs got independent attention and exercise. Certain dogs were turned out together, with supervision, but only after an evaluation and no more then 4 dogs at a time. If I were to need a place to comfortably "park" my dogs for a day, this is the approach I would choose.

In general, my dogs would greatly prefer to go on trips with us even if they are left alone in the trailer for a while or boarded with someone for the day. Just be cautious & it should work out.


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Oct 28, 2016
Gloucester, Virginia
Occasionally we have the same dilemma. We're ready to try a dog sitter in our home. They stop by twice a day for feeding at $20/dog. Same price as my vet. But at the vet one of my dogs won't eat or drink the entire time and the other dog has a chip on his shoulder for a week after we pick him up!
For me, the other up side to a pet sitter in the home is that I have someone checking my home twice a day when we're away.
This year we're planning another excursion to Fenway and the dogs aren't invited. I asked our neighbor, for the first time, if they would consider sitting for us. They were hesitant about the responsibility it might entail [DOG] until I mentioned that it would include $200.00. It's tough making a living today! . . .Selecting a neighbor also means you know where to find them [}:)] if there are any abuse issues. On the brighter side, they might enjoy the potential of a small windfall every now and again and want to do a better job.
I guess I'll find out soon enough.


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Yikes - $40 for how much? We pay about just over $20 a day for our kennel... can't remember the exact amount, we've been using them for over 17 years and it started at about $15 back then. They are somewhat cheaper than most others around, as they're a bit outside of the metro area but within about 20 minutes of our home. If it's a trip of more than a couple days it's well worth the drive financially. Plus they're good people and the dog likes it there.


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Oct 28, 2016
Gloucester, Virginia
The $40 is for two dogs & two home visits each day, 30-minutes per visit. Good trustworthy help is hard to find. Good trustworthy help is, shall I say it. . . "Priceless?" ;)


Mar 7, 2016
We just used rover a month ago as it was cheaper than the kennel and our dogs tend to not do well at kennels (very anxious). The lady works with the humane society and takes in foster pets so we figured it seemed like a good fit. We did boarded them for 3 days and it went well and was easy. Just make sure the person you use has good reviews and I suspect you will be ok.


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Jul 8, 2015
We found a pet sitter through Rover for a trip out of the country last summer and it worked out great. We chose to find to someone who would keep him in their home. Besides being highly recommended on Rover, I got positive feed back on them from our neighborhood FB page. We have a somewhat occasionally anxious sheltie who had only been boarded once previously at our vet. Cost and boarding experience were reasons for finding a better set up. With Rover, we went on a meet and great since they had two dogs. Our little guy did great at the meet and great. He was happy to see us upon return but it was a great experience. We also have a family member who regularly uses Rover to do in home drop in care when they are out of town.


May 23, 2016
Rochester, NY
I recently signed up as a sitter/walker on Rover to bring in some extra cash. Haven't had any clients yet, the one lady I was talking to backed out when another sitter she had used before came available. As far as I can tell it seems legit.