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Discussion in 'Colorado' started by robertswife, May 1, 2012.

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    Apr 1, 2012
    OK I'll probably get a few flames for posting this review since it seems many people disdain commercial sites but we liked it a lot. The first time we went there, we didn't want to tent and didn't have our PUP yet so we rented a cute one room cabin complete with a porch swing!

    It has a lot of fun things for kids (ours are elementary age) and it's so close to Royal Gorge and white water rafting, it's super convenient. And there are NO TRAIN NOISES!! We've been to a couple of places and the dang trains blow their horns at night when we're trying to sleep. The kids love the huge slide (you walk up to the top of a HUGE blue slide and slide down on a potato sack). I did it once and I was scared but the kids loved it. There is also a little miniature golf area that isn't well kept but it's free and you can spend a couple of hours wacking a ball around.

    The negatives are the sites are pretty close together but they do have full hook ups which are nice. not too many trees around the PUP/RV area but each tent spot is nestled in its own grove of trees.

    They have a full amenities washroom with shower that is included in your rate. Washroom with pay as you use washing/drying machines.

    We're going back this June with our PUP.
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    I would say its hard to go wrong in that whole area around the Royal Gorge. I haven't camped out that way, but I did stay near by on a bike trip. I remember seeing all the campsite's along the river heading west away from the Gorge and thinking I wish I could be camping there. Just a beautiful place.

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