Rushing River Provincial Park

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    Rushing River Provincial park is a beautiful campground located on the western end of Dogtooth Lake, about 20 minutes east of Kenora. It flanks the little river that flows from Dogtooth lake to Blindfold Lake.

    This little river runs right through the campground and has quite the elevation change, with rapids throughout. If you're daring, and the water is low, you can play in the rapids (be careful though, as they can be quite treacherous). The beach is small but quite lovely, with nice sand, and lots of rocks both in and out of the water to play on. Kids love it there. You can rent canoes and paddleboats to explore Dogtooth lake. The play park is modern and large. Each loop is serviced by pit toilets, with a large modern washroom centered in each half of the campground (either side of the lake). The campground has an amphitheatre, and a small 'museum' that offers scheduled programming for children (like scavenger hunts and nature walks).

    Wood is available in the park, and also at the general store, about a 2 minute drive away from the park. Small groceries and Ice are available at the same grocery store. The park office sells coffee by the mug if you for some reason forgot yours. Kenora is a 20 minute drive away, and offers more diverse eating opportunities and shopping (Wal-Mart, Crappy Tire, etc).

    The sites are mostly semi-private, with lots of elevation changes and rocks. The first half of the campground has electric sites. Some of the sites are located on the edge of the lake, and have little paths to the lakes, and beautiful views. These sites are all unserviced.

    This park is frequented mostly by Manitobans and Winnipeggers (who treat the Lake of the woods area as their playground). If you're from Manitoba and you love to camp, you owe it to yourself to check out Rushing River.
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    Thank you for the review Abyss! It was nice to see the bunch of Manitoba reviews revived and now your Rushing River park review. I have been to many parks in Manitoba and when I get time I will also contribute to the reviews. Good job!
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