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Discussion in 'Alaska' started by generok, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Ahhh, THIS is a campground. You have trees in between each site, and the site is laid out so naturally, you don't feel like you're in a line of RVs. There are no hook ups, obviously, but water is plentiful and the site does have one dump station, so you can dump grey water. No flushing toilets or showers either, but it's nice and there's a max of 3-day stay anyway. Sites are paved and level, and there is PLENTY of room behind or beside the pad for tables, tents, etc. This is BY FAR my favorite campground in Alaska, so far.

    I've been tent camping here several times, but wanted to visit with the PUP before I reviewed. It was much nicer in the PUP because it rained one day and we were up off the ground and toasty warm with the furnace on at night.

    Just down the road, there are a few places to get ice and groceries, but gas is quite expensive.

    This is flat out bear country. It's not a probability, it's a certainty. When the salmon are in the stream, the bears are taking every opportunity to eat whatever they smell. There are nice bear boxes at each site to put grills, stoves, coolers and stuff in. In fact, it is REQUIRED. You can't leave anything with a scent (except you) in a non-hardsided vehicle, and they do patrol to reduce the bear/human contact.

    I love this place, but reserve early, it is a popular fishing location.
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    Sounds like you had a great time.....would love to see some picture's.. :)

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    We stopped by there this summer during the salmon run and it was a mad house. There were vehicles backed up to the highway. We got boxed in right away and couldn't back out to the highway.I had to walk past the traffic and a FS employee told me to pass everybody and take a right at the stop sign to get back to the highway. We got some glares! We rapidly headed away from the traffic!!! [ALPU]

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