Salt Lick Creek COE Campground

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    We spent three nights over the Fourth of July at Salt Lick Creek.
    We had a waterfront site near the boat dock and it was beautiful. It was fully shaded and we did not use the a/c. There was a huge field across the street where we played ladderball and darts and the grands caught lightning bugs.
    There was a bathroom only facility next to the field and a full bathhouse maybe a five minute walk away. There were other bathhouses spread throughout the approximately 150 campsites. They were all amazingly clean. Both nights we waited as all three women's showers were being used. My husband said nobody else was in his.
    The week before we got an email saying no fireworks were allowed yet both Friday and Saturday nights there was a mass crowd at the boat dock parking lot watching fireworks being put off on the water. I think we might have to make this a Fourth of July tradition.
    Our site was close to the people on one side and of course it was the family that had a ton of kids and everyone they knew came to visit. At one time there were 6 vehicles there. They were all very friendly but it would have been great to have a line of trees or another ten feet between us. They had a pontoon boat which they tied up to our site. We had water access but their site had trees at the water and no path.
    We went to the beach area each day. It was sandy, very clean and there was a huge parking lot. There was a great playground which had more structures than the campgrounds we've been to before. The water itself had a lot of junk floating in it like the ocean after a storm.
    As we were driving there, I tried to call my daughter when we were 30-45 minutes out. There was no cell service and there were only a few seconds here and there the rest of the way. Cell service was very spotty in the park. Every now and then we would take our phones up the hill to the bathhouse by the boat ramp. Sometimes we would get a bar or two, sometimes nothing. Our last day at the beach I pulled out my phone to take a picture and I had some texts that had come through there.
    They have some strange waterfront sites in the low 100s. The water and electric posts are on the opposite side and you are supposed to drive in, leaving your vehicle blocked. Luckily I read the notes and alerts because I almost booked one Labor Day weekend.
    I had read and noticed that there is nothing nearby, so don't forget anything or expect to buy ice each day. Defeated Creek COE is nearby but very hard to find a site.
    As we left on Sunday, everyone was stopped. I suspected we were stuck in that feared line for the dump station. I got out and walked and there were 10-15 campers waiting for the one dump spot. Nobody was coming in, so I waved my daughter then my husband through the other lane. I wish the dump stations were set up where those who don't need it are not blocked.
    This might be our new go to campground because it is the easiest COE campground within an hour and a half and it is easier to get a site than others near Nashville.
    I'm hesitating to post this review because I like being able to book here. It seems to be a hidden gem if you can get past the terrible cell reception.
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    Thanks for posting the review even though you had second thoughts. I promise I won't evertake the last spot from you! :)

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