Sampson SP on Seneca Lake

Discussion in 'New York' started by daveo1289, Jun 28, 2017.

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    I haven't been to the park for a few years and decided to join my DD and her family for a weekend. My DW and I got the site next to hers and we had a nice weekend camping with them. I took notice of things that have changed. The park seemed neater than I remembered. Grass was trimmed nicely and the place even had some landscaping going on. The marina was also in shape but for one dock which was hit by a boat a couple of weeks ago with some damage. The one loop closest to the lake got a major makeover. About 6 new cabins are in the process of being build and should be done by the end of July. The trees and brush along the lake shore have been cleaned up so now there is an unobstructed view of the lake. It's nice. Bathrooms and showers are clean and in good shape. The camp store is reopened and fully stocked with a little grill for getting some food. Beach was also in good shape with being clean. The only thing I wish the state parks dept would do is upgrade the dump station. The main one has 2 stations for over 250 campsites. I know not everyone is going to use the station but with the amount of campers that need it, they should have maybe one or two more stations. There is another dry station in the beach parking lot but it has not water for cleaning out the hoses. In all, the shape of the park and the staff seemed a lot better that when I was last there. Good job!
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    We stayed June 24-30, 2017 in loop 5 site 235, right in front of the bathhouse. We loved it and have already decided to go back. We live in Ohio and towed our 2004 Utah up there. I don't have a lot to add to Dave's post other than to say I agree and I highly recommend camping here. We checked out the campgrounds at Watkins Glen and Robert Treman state parks and I wouldn't camp at either one. Sampson is much more spread out and has more room between campsites. Loop 5 is definitely the best and you can't really go wrong with any of the camp sites on that loop.

    Electrical posts are every other campsite, so make sure you bring a long enough extension cord for your camper. Water is plentiful, and if you have enough hose you can fill up your fresh water tank and use the dry dump. The main dump site had long lines. If your tank is full, you can flush out the black tank by running the toilet. And you can flush out the grey tank(s) by running the sinks and showers. My new TT has a flush port and I can just run a hose from the outside faucet to the flush port. See if you can work out something similar.

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    Sampson SP is a great place to camp. I especially like that you can have pets in any loop at any site. I've been going there at least once a year since 2004. They've done a great job with the playgrounds and there's plenty of old roads to hike. There's even a very old cemetery there.

    My only complaint is the line to the dump station. I don't need to go there. So, to get out I have to pass the waiting vehicles on the left, then turn right. Sometimes the nest TT in line is pulled too far forward and it's hard to get around them.

    Other than that, it's a great place to go.

    Camper Jo

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