Sandhills 2019

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    Got a late start because the furnace at home fail to start Friday morning. Got it fixed, but set me back about three hours.
    Good trip and the boys had a blast. Got setup and the boys wanted hotdogs, so that's what we had. They worked on badges and rank for scouts so we had them put the wieners on skewers so there would be less likely to end up on the ground when turning them. We tried out a little Kingsford grill I picked up on end of season sale and it works pretty well.
    We took five pounds of ribs with us and cook them all. Only brought home four little racks. We used the little grill and the site pit for cooking them.
    There is a beautiful view from the camp site.
    The camp site.
    DW and the boys wrote messages on the dirt road for the couple we met riding horses.
    DW not so much a fan and doesn't like the quick navy shower. The remnants of a tropical storm came through Saturday night and there was a little wind and a LOT of rain. It rained all afternoon and evening then poured for hours in the early morning. Discovered that the two plus year old waterproofing is in need of renewing. About 4:30am the youngest informed us that his leg was getting wet. So enough water had started wicking through where he sleeps. DQT wasn't with us so I made the table into a bed and he happily went back to sleep. I got back in bed and before I got to sleep a drop hit my arm. Snuggled a little closer to DW away from the drip and went to sleep. Forgot to get the percolator from the tent stuff so at coffee time we were glad we brought the generator. Friday until Saturday morning we used just under 10% of the battery. Temps in the low 40s and furnace on 65 degrees until bed then on 60 degrees. With running the genny every time we wanted coffee the battery never got below 90%.
    I posted more on this camp ground in an earlier review.
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    sounds like a great adventure and a lot of memories were made, also added to the TODO list which never ends:)
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