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Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by Svilleangie, Feb 21, 2010.

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    We had our first pop-up trip ever this past weekend to Calhoun Falls SP. Absolutely beautiful sites, we stayed in Site #65 which is part of a 3-site penisula. We did not look a Campground #1 but Campground #2 had all paved, flat sites and I would estimate that 75% were lakefront lots. We faced the water relatively unobstructed for a terrific morning sunrise over the water. Ranger said swimming from any site in the lake was ok. The sites were well spaced apart and many pull through sites. I would say the main negative to Calhoun Falls SP has to be a major rail line that runs a few miles South of the park so you hear trains coming through in the distance every 3-4 hours or so. It is probably less noticeable in the Summer when the trees and such are full. The bath house was a little further away from our site which is the price to pay for location and spacing between lots. I would rate the bath house as warm, reasonable clean, and functional. Calhoun Falls has a few double sites for families and we believe site #58 is the best site in campground #2 (pull through, neighborhood of bath house, unobstructed views of lake, and lake beach area for the kids that you can easily see from the camp area). Site #64 (I think) was next to us and was the extreme point on the penisula so have water views on 3 sides (back-in). All the back-ins were wide open as well so rookies like us could back-in easily. Planning our next trip now and we feel lucky to live in an area with so many state park options within an hour's drive.
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    We stayed at Calhoun Falls SP this past weekend. It rained and rained and rained and we finally gave up on Saturday and came home. I just wanted to note that this is a really nice SP. We stayed in sites 67/68 which is a double site. They could have planned better for accomodating 2 campers, but it was a nice large site. The electric/water was kindof in a weird place not allowing us to park pup to pup...but we had to park side to side which messed with the lake view for one of us. Oh well. With so much rain we didn't get to enjoy the lake at all. Who would have thought SC could have low 70's for highs in August. It was chilly. The site has a nice very large area with 2 huge picnic tables, 2 grilling? tables and a firepit. They are on the lake and we had every intention of parking our boat in the water at the campsite. Unfortunately, it was too cold and rainy to even put the boat in the water. The bathroom is sortof far from these 2 sites. Plan for a walk. And, yes, we heard the train frequently, but it didn't bother us. They have a nice camp store and will loan out fishing rods if you need them. I would agree with the other person posting that site 57/58 look really good. We'll pick those sites next time. Can't wait to go back....when it is sunny and warm enough to swim.

    Of note, I finally did some damage to our new pup. Raised the roof with a clip still attached and it popped and straightened it out. Then we forgot to tilt the awning and water pooled on it overnight and it collapsed. Wonder how much it would cost to repair the isn't useable now as the metal rod cracked in the middle. Opps.

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