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    May 21, 2006
    Very nice state park with shaded sites about half on the lake with views. On Lake Russel, created by a dam on the Savannah river. Even the back in sites opposite side from the lake are very nice and can accommodate larger units. Fishing piers, swimming beaches, picnic areas for day use, boat marina and launching ramp. We saw several sites had their pontoon boats tied up to their campsites. Each site had a paved pad, and a coquina type of sand area with a picnic table, lantern hook, grill and prep-table. Most were set up to look like a balcony/step or or down ledge with lake views. Very friendly people at the park and also at Calhoun Falls, the small town. Be sure and stop at the Plez You convenience store for ice, snacks and lucky lottery tickets. Any other info needed contact me.

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    Sounds like a really cool SP, how were their prices for sites?

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    Prices at that state park are $18 to $22 a night. Two of the three campgrounds in that park offer water and electric hookups. (Almost all SCSP have water and electric at every site. There are only a few that don't).

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