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    Scott County Park is about 10 miles north of Davenport. The park is huge, and has 5 different camping areas, a bunch of picnic groves, a pool (small charge), equestrian areas, golf course, plus hiking and biking trails. There is a small lake for fishing and kayaking. There is also a settler's village just outside the park, with 1800's buildings, including a schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, cobbler, farming museum, and church. We went there twice, as the ice cream shop was only open on the weekend :) .

    We arrived on the Thursday afternoon around 2, of Bix weekend. Of the 5 campgrounds, Bald Eagle is full hookup (no trees, lots of concrete), Incahias (more trees, electric and water), Pine Grove (even more trees, electric), plus two rustic campgrounds. All sites are first come, first served. We chose Incahias, and when we arrived, it was half full. By 7 that night, it was completely full, but sites opened up Friday, then filled again, and the same for Saturday, so it seems all about timing. Bald Eagle looked full, and Pine Grove seemed similar to Incahias from a fullness standpoint. The rustic sites were wide open. We noticed a lot of the occupied sites didn't have people on them until Friday, so we think the locals come and park to get a spot earlier in the week, then come back for the weekend. Incahias was only $22 a night, so understandable why they might do that.

    The sites were variable, some were very roomy, some a little closer together, all had a picnic table and fire ring. The bathrooms were a bit on the dirty side, but the neighbors said the ones at the newer Bald Eagle were much nicer. The park staff were very nice, and helpfully, they sold ice and firewood until 10 pm. Quiet hours start at 10:30, and the park rangers made multiple drive-bys during the course of the day.

    All in all, I would highly recommend this park. The grounds themselves were very clean, the people were nice, and we enjoyed all of the amenities that the park offered plus the proximity to Davenport. (Side note, we were told the close by John Deere museum is really interesting, but we didn't make it there. Next time!)
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