Sears vintage propane stove doesn't work with low pressure


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Jul 17, 2016
Webster, NY
So my inlaws donated a Sears 2-burner propane stove. I removed the regulator and adapted it to plug into the Jayco low-pressure port, but it barely has gas to light one burner, let alone two. The regulator has no markings as to its output. Just curious if anyone else has tried the older Sears stoves and had any success...I did test the Sears stove on the 1 lbs bottles and it works perfectly using its own regulator.


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Aug 8, 2015
My Coleman stove won't work in the low pressure either. I am fairly certain most of the briefcase style stoves are high pressure. Camp chef makes some that will work off the low pressure but those are mainly the bigger base camp ones.

I use a Coleman road trip grill. I bought a spare regulator and cut it off so I could clamp my hose to it instead. Works fine on the low pressure port. It has a tad smaller flame but not enough to worry about. I bought the griddle and stove attachments as well so it works great for me.

Northern tool sells a cast iron 2 burner that I have heard will also run off low pressure.

I have a splitter on my tank so I can also connect my high pressure stove if needed.

I don't cook inside and that counter space has been reclaimed for other uses.