Sebastian Inlet State Park

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    Nearly 10 months has passed since the family (well, now just the wife) and I could go camping. Such is life at times with various work and health requirements. Thankfully, we were able to go on our annual October trip, and this year it was Sebastian Inlet. The trip to the park was uneventful, but our planning/timing was not where it should have been and we arrived at 7:30 pm.

    The Park – At night, the sign indicating the entrance is hard to see. There is a bridge right before it, if you have gone north from 510 that makes it a little easier when you go out to remember where to turn. The check in was very quick, and as has been our experience with the state parks in Florida, very courteous and friendly. It's a short drive from check in to the campground, where there is a dump station at the exit (you pass it as you go in) We were on the back loop (site 40) which requires a drive completely down, and then around (1-way traffic). The numbers for the sites are on the ground, which are virtually impossible to see at night. Thankfully, the map fairly closely resembles site placement and we found our spot without issue. Check in starts at 3 and check out is by 1. There is no gate, they are “open 24 hours”.

    Site - This was a back in site, firm pressed with a loose small gravel/sand coating. Sites are raked after campers leave and ours was clean and ready. Level is a different story, we were in fact unable to lower the front stabilizers but side to side 2 turns of the BAL Leveler and she was ready to go. It was very dark at 7:30PM which made backing in and unloading interesting to say the least. The tongue jack was nearly as low as it could go, the rear stabilizers were extended almost completely. The electrical hook up and water are close to each other, and the electrical box seemed to be nearly new. We had neighbors in spot 39; the spots were spaced OK but there is no privacy between them. Power remained clean and constant, 30 and 50-amp service was available. Water pressure was good (used a regulator and glad we did). Using a 7-gallon Aquatainer for drainage was a tight fit given the lot slope. A picnic bench and fire pit are on each site.

    The Experience - With a forecast calling for breezy conditions and some rain, we didn’t setup the awning, but we were not going to do much sitting outside anyway with the bugs. The “No-see-ums” were indeed plentiful, swarming really bad by about 5:00 PM and still heavy in the morning. You are on the water (it's not visible from the site however) and the "smells" of the inlet are very, very heavy. Bath houses were clean (there are 2 “in front” of the loop we were on) and were more modern than those at Keystone Heights. Garbage and recycling containers were usually full by 10 am, so a trip to the dump station (Which is a bit of a haul from our site) was required to dispose of trash/recycling. The inlet was beautiful, and for those that like to fish there was plenty of fishing and boating going on. The museum onsite is interesting, some really cool shells, teeth, and various traps on display. There are also some videos to watch covering the history of the area. Pets are accepted and were abundant, didn’t hear any past quiet time (11PM). Some of the campers in nearby sites were a little noisy during the day with music and one particularly loud diesel pickup that was started and idled for long periods of time. We didn’t try the close by restaurant, but there are plenty in Sebastian, just a note that they are 20+ minutes away. If watching some TV is your thing, we were able to get quite a few stations (50+ according to the search) and image quality was quite good. We had ours (GE 70 mile range) elevated to 18 feet (which is about as high as we can get it) and pointed north/north west.

    Verdict – If fishing/boating is your thing, then this is likely a good park for you. If you prefer quiet camping as an escape from work or life in general; this may not be the one. Here is a shot of the site as we were leaving..
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    Several years ago we stayed at Sebastien Inlet SP, the no-seeums were so bad that I had to take the DW to a Dr. as it turns out she was allergic to the little boogers, (they do not bother me) BTW: they do not bite, they extract an acid from their stomach on to the skin, this liquefies the skin and they can lick the liquid (dissolved skin) up.
    But you are correct, it is a nice CG and I did catch a few fish for supper while there, also we went beach combing and DW picked up some shells.
    I see the camp sites are about the same as when we were there.
    Thanks for the report and Keep On Camping

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