Seboomook Wilderness Campground, north of Rockwood ME

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    My wife and I hadn't been to Seboomook for 10 years and just got back from a 10 day trip. But before I get into the review, a couple of things worth knowing... This is a rustic, wilderness campground located 33 miles down logging roads that are used by logging trucks. The road is dirt and it can take well over an hour to travel those 33 miles due to road conditions. HOWEVER... don't let this totally scare you! We took a minivan, a Toyota Sienna, towing a very small pop up and we were fine. There are stretches where you can go almost 50 mph, but the average is going to be way closer to 30 mph. If you go, VERY important to know that logging trucks have the right of way, even if they don't! The campground recommends pulling over and stopping when coming upon a logging truck -- we've done that and always got a wave or a "thank you". This is a working forest. Bottom line.. if you are concerned about the road conditions, call the campground -- the owners are absolutely amazing and will give you an honest assessment of the roads. Not sure I'd try that road in May when it may still be drying out from winter, but I'm not concerned in July and August.

    Now, the campground! It is rustic and "Wilderness" is an important part of the campground name! The bathhouse has regular flush toilets, spacious AND FREE showers with plenty of hot water and is very clean. The sites are varied -- waterfront & non-waterfront, most waterfront sites have Adirondack lean-toos. However, the sites are massive - seriously, you could put easily 4 pop up campers and a tent on each site.

    And the rustic / wilderness part...

    The campground is easily 30 miles from the nearest power lines. There is a huge generator, located very far from the main camping area and you can't hear it, but it only runs from 6am to 8am, 11:30am to 12:30pm, 2pm to 7:15pm, 10pm to 10:30pm and 2am to 2:30pm. The electric hookups are 30 amp. There are water hookups, too (runs 24 hours). This was fine for us - we knew about it and it's all over their website. For me & my wife, we rarely noticed when power was on or off, unless we needed to use the bathroom or take a shower - had to remember to bring a flashlight or lantern.

    Cell phone service / internet - we have Verizon Wireless, which is the strongest cell phone carrier. Service was spotty with long periods of time with no service, but we could usually get a good enough signal at the camp store to send text messages. The campground does have free WiFi, but only from 5pm to 6pm daily. As much as we are connected to our phones, we discovered that only having internet for an hour a day was good for us -- can you believe we actually TALKED to each other much more?!?!?!

    Our campsite: We stayed on site L46, which is a waterfront site with a lean too. Like most of the other waterfront sites, we had a nice, sandy beach on our site. The water is very shallow and the depth increases very slowly. We could walk about 100 feet before the water was chest high. This would be perfect for kids!

    The site was massive, huge and my tiny pop up (1990 Coleman Columbia) almost looked funny on the site, like it was lost in all that space! The lean too was bigger!! All of the sites are grassy and flat. The waterfront sites are mostly sunny, but remember that this campground is deep in the north Maine woods and high temperatures are moderate - high 70's, low 80's.

    Seriously, I am struggling to find words descriptive enough to capture the beauty of this campground and specifically our camp site!! It is beyond spectacularly beautiful -- the water is crystal clear, the mountains in the distance, the loons, eagles, deer, moose AND THE STARS!!! Wow!! I get goosebumps now just remembering how incredible the night sky looked -- no words come close to describe the majesty of that!!!

    There are few, if any, organized activities at the campground, but that's obvious when you look at their website. We were never bored, though, even on the sole day it rained. Lots of opportunities to hike or just walk, watch the wildlife that wanders through the campground, amazing conversations in the camp store, swimming right from your camp site, canoeing, boating or just reading a good book. What absolutely amazed me & my wife and blew us away was watching the kids there. Totally amazing -- no electronic devices, but all these kids (from toddlers to teens) were all very active in things like swimming, playing games, playing on the playground, walking around, fishing and other stuff that kids did before electronics! And what was even more amazing is that all of the kids we talked to said they were having a great time!

    Campground store: Make sure you are well stocked before you head up that logging road! The campground store has basic essentials at reasonable prices. They have plenty of ice and fire wood, pretty much the same price as the grocery store in Greenville (the last "real" town you pass through on the way to Seboomook!). They do have ice cream novelties, which was a great treat! There is also a good selection of souvenirs and basic camping essentials.

    What is a little unusual but a great thing is that they do have gas pumps (unleaded and diesel) and can also fill propane tanks. Huge plus for us! If we ran out of propane, it would otherwise be a nearly 3 hour round trip to the nearest town to get a refill.

    The campground has new owners (this is their 3rd season), Norman & Whitney. This couple was born to own this campground. They are great hosts, very friendly and knowledgeable. Norman is a retired Maine Game Warden and Whitney is great. The last time we camped at Seboomook was 10 years ago and while Norman & Whitney have not made any major changes, we were super impressed with the "feel" of the campground. They seem to take the approach that they are stewards of something incredibly special and absolutely love to share the magic of Seboomook.

    Cons: Well, if I was pressed, the only con is that there are a lot of mosquitos and bugs. But, I live in central Maine and mosquitos & bugs are just part of Maine. We used bug spray, citronella candles and a Thermacell lantern -- didn't bother us a whole lot. Good to know, just bring a lot of bug spray (40% DEET works!). The campground store is well stocked with bug spray, too.

    Bottom line: We are going back for a week in August and will go for 2-3 weeks next summer. The sheer beauty of this very special place will pull me & my wife back for many, many year!
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    Sounds like a really nice, quiet and laid back CG. Glad you had a good time and look forward to next time. We (or most of us) have a favorite CG and never get tired of going there and sounds like you have found the one for Y'all. Good Luck and Keep On Camping
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    I spent 10 days around Ellsworth in July. (Mariaville to be exact). I hit a 3 day rally in Kennebunk on the way back home. My only regret was not staying at Acadia. The weather was great. Lot's of tourism to do down east.


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