Selkirk Shores, Pulaski NY


Apr 4, 2013
Selkirk is very close to one of the premier fishing spots in NY State, so they see a lot of fishermen. I took my family there several times and have enjoyed it every time. The park is well cared for by the state, with excellent bathrooms and showers (no need for quarters!!) We loved the forest, you are in some old growth pine forests up on a bluff overlooking Lake Ontario, and more often than not you can hear waves crashing on the beach below just as if you're on an ocean beach.

The only downside to Selkirk is that their former beach is closed. (And they make this abundantly clear on the website) It was closed several years ago and they haven't taken action (pending funding/study) yet to reopen it. IMHO they'll have to do something big, such as a breakwater as the tidal/wind action is pretty severe in that area of the Lake, and has stripped whatever sand is laid down there. They do offer you free admission into Sandy Pond state park about 7 miles north of Selkirk. If you're are looking for camping near a beach, then consider Fairhaven 2 hours West (other side of Oswego). It is kid friendly though, and they do have a Rec Center in one of the loops stocked with things to do while Dad fishes. There's miniature Golf and go-carts nearby. Oswego is about 35 minutes away.

I do like to burn wood but try to pick a spot out of the prevailing wind, so Selkirk is a little wacky to guess. Usually the wind comes off of Ontario in the morning, but goes the other way at night, but even with the folks across the way burning green stuff we didn't have a problem with smoke. Great park for a great deal...