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    May 18, 2018
    So been camping in our new forest river salem. Two weeks at the FIL cottage. We even installed a 30amp outlet so we could run ac. Thank god. It was so hot the first 4 days. Anyway everything worked great. Towed it home backed into driveway. I unhook andcwent into the house for a drink. Come back out and i hear crack crack. I look over just in time to see the rock come flying over the fence and bounce off the big window of my trailer. I walk over tovthe fence. There are two kids throwing rocks. They were swimming when i first came home. No parents in sight. I yelled at them to go and get one of their parents. The mother appears and asks whats wrong. I explain what just happened she says is there any damage i said i havent found any dents but ill be sure yo send her the bill. She then says how does she know the damage is from her kids. I said well your more than welcome to watch the video. I have four cameras that you can see and foyr you cant. She then proceeds to yell and scream at the kids for next 20mins making me feel like ****. Ugh cant wait to move. Gonna rent this place to a bunch of students or maybe some meth makers. Lol
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    Sometimes parents act that way out of embarrassment. Hope you don't find any damage at all.
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    Why would you feel bad? She's the one that squandered the teaching opportunity, not you.

    Totally understandable why you would be angry at the kids throwing rocks at your property, and I get it with the video. I have my property fully covered by video surveillance due to my neighbors as well. We have some renters living next door I can't wait until they move on. Let's just say my cameras catch an awful lot of suspicious comings and goings of various cars at all hours of the night...

    It sounds like the neighbor lady didn't want to even consider her little angels could have possibly been a problem, nor would she be willing to accept responsibility until she was confronted with video evidence... Sounds like a pretty lackluster parent to me.
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    May 28, 2018
    I have found that it is usually more effective dealing with the kids directly than going through the parents.

    And rather than call them out for an unknown "maybe there was damage", I would have played it up as a rock came out of nowhere and hit me. Start with an "What the? I'm bleeding! OMG! What just hit me? Wife/Husband! Help! OMG! There's so much blood! Help! Help!". Then add " OMG! I need to get to the hospital! " and run into the house screaming for help.

    A couple hours later, wrap a huge bandage on your head and visit your neighbor. Tell them that you were out in the backyard and a rock came out of nowhere and hit you in the head. Describe all the blood and that you had to have 23 stitches. Tell them that you are letting everyone know about it because you don't know where the rock came from and you don't want anyone else to get injured like you did. You might suggest it's not safe for the kids to be in the backyard until you make sure it wasn't someone purposely trying to hurt people.

    If you are friendly with other neighbors, let them in on the joke.
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