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    I wanted a light in the storage locker at the front of our trailer, and the kids (OK, maybe myself as well) thought some under trailer lighting would be useful if we were setting up or tearing down in the dark so we combined it into one project.

    Mounted a toggle switch and LED licence plate light on a piece of aluminium angle in the storage locker:
    Storage light.jpg

    Installed four bolt LEDs, one at each corner:
    Setup light under.jpg

    I just drilled a tightly fitting hole and glued/sealed them in with silicone.

    The two rear lights came up in empty cabinets, I brought the two front ones up inside the wall separating the main trailer area from the storage locker and fished the wires up inside the wall.

    All five lights are switched by the toggle switch in the storage locker. Originally I was just going to tap into the interior lights/fan circuit (conveniently located in the front dinette seat) but after realizing it would not work when the trailer was packed up (being connected through the galley switch) I decided to go back to the main DC distribution for power.

    It turned out well (sorry for the weird colours in the night shots but I was too lazy to get out my dSLR):
    setup lights 1.jpg setup lights 2.jpg

    Note the trailer is up on ramps due to my other wiring project.
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