Should I mess with the awning?


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Aug 14, 2008
Installing the horizontal support poles while the roof is only partially cranked up will allow you to set it up by yourself and is by far the easiest way to go. I have set my awning up after setting up the PUP because of forecasted rain and that is a long way up there. It is so much easier when the roof is cranked up about a foot or two to get those poles in place, then just let it hang down while you crank the roof up the rest of the way. Then just walk over and put the vertical poles in place and make necessary adjustments.


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Jul 6, 2013
My last trip it rained every morning for at least an hour. The awning was very helpful. But I think its good for keeping dew off of things too.

Hoosier Daddy

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Jun 24, 2014
You and I must be cut from different cloth... It would drive me nuts wondering what is wrong with it.
I would have unzipped and unrolled it as soon as I got home! If for some reason I didn't get a chance, the first idle 10 minutes at the campground sitting in the campchair I would be done staring at the bag on the side of my camper and have it opened up to see what could be so bad... [;)]


May 28, 2014
The first 10 years I had my PUP I never used the awning (I opened it up one day and found it had too many ropes and poles for my patience level). Well, about 3 months ago the bag on the old awning fell apart so I replaced the whole unit with a new Dometic Trimline model. Boy, what a difference- I wish I had taken the time to learn the setup on the old awning. It keeps the PUP cooler inside when it's hot and also makes the PUP feel more like home. I like it so much I even bought a mat and some patio lights! Just Do It! [:D]


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Apr 25, 2013
Just take it off and put it on the front lawn and see whats wrong. If your not going to use it leave it off. Why carry the extra 30lbs around on the roof. I took mine off and opened it up to find mildew and it looked terrible. Sprayed it down and scrubbed it and it looks brand new!!! My PO didnt know how to set it up cause he was an idiot. He said it came with a screened in room and would not open it up for me. quess what, no screened in room. I kinda new that anyway. They are real easy to fix if you know who they operate.