Shower tent/potty tent

We bought this this summer for our Tetons trip:

G4Free Privacy Shelter Tents...

It's great. Very tall, I'm 5'11" and it is far above my head. Easy/quick setup. We added a flap opening in one side right at the seam, about 7" × 13", at the level of our outdoor shower's hatch, and string a paracord loop from the roof frame. We feed the shower hose through the flap opening and hang it from the loop overhead.

As for hot water source, just the water heater from the pup. It has a 6-gallon tank which is plenty for a Navy shower (or a Palmdale shower as I think of them, because we lived in the Mojave Desert for years).

Grey water? Well, it doesn't produce much, not with a 6-gallon tank, so we have just let it run on the ground, even at the expensive National Park campground between Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Nobody has ever batted an eye. And having a hot shower at our favorite primitive campground near home is life changing. :) :) :)


Sep 22, 2020
We use Gasland tankless instant shower with a double room Joolka pop up shower room. 60 sec set up and take down. Joolka also makes a tankless shower but too long a wait to receive it. Both are fantastic.


Apr 24, 2021
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Can we talk shower/potty tents?
I searched and read what was out there, but want some current feedback.
We live in a RV full time and have a pup for camping, we bought recently. We had a pup 30+ years ago.

Okay, so on that note...
1) if you have a shower/potty tent- what brand is it? Tell me how easy is set up?
2) if you use it for showers, where do you camp?
3) if you use it for showers, how do you dispose the gray water?
4) showers again...what do you use for your heating set up?

We will be making a two week trip, with another couple and have a potty, but debating on which tent to get, and thinking should we get a double for showers. I'm concerned about storage room and where we would dump gray water. I think we could use a hot wwater heater basin with a hose, elevated to a waste container or if on full hook up, but do campgrounds allow you to have a potty/shower tent??? And then again, am I wasting my money? ‍♀️
I have a potty tent with a small porta potty and a solar shower. The tent has a canvas detachable floor so you’re not standing in mud. But I don’t worry abo reclaiming the water from a shower. It’s biodegradable.
The tent we got on Amazon is strong enough to hold up a 5 gallon solar shower bag .
We love it. Sometimes the sun isn’t shining well enough to heat the water- but we’ve never died from having a chilly shower in the middle of summer.

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent Changing Room Privacy Portable Camping Shelters


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Can't say enough good things about this one:

It sets up in seconds, and unlike others, you can have a light inside of it (or sunlight shining through it) and you won't see the shadow from outside. We used ours as a covid poop tent last year when we wanted to camp self-contained. We haven't used it this season as we're back to doing #1 inside the camper and #2 at the public facilities.

We didn't use it as a shower so I can't answer those questions.