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Discussion in 'PopUp Gizmos' started by DeeLella87, May 7, 2019.

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    Hi everyone.
    Ive read thru several tops regarding the PUG and how to install them, but Im still looking for advice.
    We have a 1995 jayco 1207. We purchased the SHW covers as it can get quite windy at the place where we camp. This season we decided to get a seasonal spot as we would be able to use it more (hubby works long hours and I am not yet comfortable enough to pull the PUP for a 2 hour trip with 3 kids.) Because of this we have not yet put the PUG on, and I want to be as prepared as possible for when we do. We are going this weekend and have no cell service up there, hence why Im making this post :smiley:
    Is the velcro necessary? Or is it something that makes the process easier in set up? I am unsure if there is velcro currently on the gizmos but I can attach them no problem.
    Is it better to get c hooks and put them onto the bottom of the slide out? or are carabiners the better choice for securing them?
    Has anyone set up a pool noodle gutter with the gizmos on? What about pool noodles between the bunk canvas and the gizmos? What exactly does doing that do?

    Sorry for all the questions, just trying to have a good idea of what will work best. Thank you all in advance!
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    We used the SHW PUGs on our 8' Coleman Cobalt. I didn't order the Velcro on the first set, becasue we hadn't needed it on the previous pup, since the roof edge was very tight on the bunk end roof. On the Cobalt, we found that the PUGs tended to slide down due to the angle of the roof, etc., so I sewed Velcro on it.
    With the Velcro holding the PUGs to the bunk ends, we were able to leave them in place when we folded it down. We had just enough space for the PUGs to fold in with the tenting, though could not leave bedding on the bunk.
    I did a ring mod, attached all the clips at the ends of the shock cords to one ring, and hooking that ring onto a lash hook installed under the bunk. When we were folding up, I crocheted each set of cords to keep them untangled. (Trick I learned from watching people handling long extension cords and balloonists.)

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    I have the SHW PUGs. I have the Velcro sewn in. This is VERY helpful a I only have to attach them once at the beginning of the season.

    I once had to use the included clips to keep the PUGs from taking off like a kite in some heavy gusts last fall. I clipped the ends and all was fine.

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