Silvermines Camp Ground Fredericktown Mo

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    Silvermines Camp Ground Fredericktown Mo

    I found out about this campground from a few good friends that I have in the area and I've now camped there many times (both in Tent and Camper).

    I always have a good time there... The Campground hosts Jim and Dorris stay extremely busy running around making sure everyone is having a good time and has everything they need to enjoy their stay at the camp ground.

    There are camp sites for everyone, Primative, and Modern and I think some cabins and other options.

    The area we always stay is the modern area, there is a small circle with about 10 or so sites around it and 4 or so in the middle of it...

    Its a great atmosphere for the whole family and seems like a ""Small Camping Community" as most every night, you can see all the kids riding their bikes and walking dogs around the circle, kids and adults shooting hoops.. Adults and kids sitting around camp fires having good times enjoying the outdoors and each others company... I've made several new friends who I see there fairly often.

    There are bathrooms, trash receptacles, ice, firewood and such all within walking distance...

    The river with swimming,fishing/kayaking area is also within walking distance..

    There are a few hiking trails, one a few miles long that goes back up to the entrance of the ""Old Siver Mine" and the big dam that was used in the processing of the precious metal, now folks jump off of it and kayak over it or around it...

    I can't wait to take our (new to us) pop up back for another weekend of fun!!!

    Here are a few links relating to the site...

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