SK--Saskatchewan Landing Provinical Park


Dec 19, 2014
While Northern Saskatchewan may have the reputation for great camping, don't overlook Southern Saskatchewan for a unique camping experience all its own. Sask Landing (aka "the Landing") is located on the Southern Saskatchewan river on highway #4 north of Swift Current and south of Kyle. This is prairie farmland country--the flatness is broken by the steep river valley as you descend down to the park entrance from either direction. While you won't find pine or spruce forests here, the park had some good foresight and planted a large number of drought-resistant trees and shrubs, and in time these have grown to provide nice shade and privacy. There's plenty to do--golf, fishing, boating, hiking...but what I love about the location is the cycling options. The highway provides a great training opportunity if you tackle either climb out of the river valley. Road cyclists, mountain bikers, or fatbike enthusiasts--there's something for every taste. Young and old will find a trail to suite any tastes-there are paved walking paths, gravel trails, and hiking loops. The service facilities are well-maintained and clean--they have these family-friendly showers where the whole family can use in private (great for the young family) Oh, and the firewood provided is even better than that supplied in northern campgrounds--they have to bring it in by the truckload. Go try it out-you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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Sep 9, 2014
I must agree - we used to go to the Landing every summer. For whatever reason we didn't go for a few years, and last year when we returned and it felt like home. We forgot how much we loved it there, and will be spending at least 2 weeks there this summer! Check it out!! [HY]

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