Slide Mountain RV Park - Nelchina, AK

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by generok, Aug 31, 2018.

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    This is a really nice RV park along the Glenn Highway in Nelchina. If you're familiar with Eureka and the Roadhouse, it is about 4 road miles away from there. They have pull through sites with 50amp and full hookups, free WiFi that actually works (in their pavilion). They have a somewhat enclosed pavilion with a WiFi router, but also some swings around a covered firepit, some tables and some public grills. That was a NICE touch!

    The 50A sites are 50A only, which was a first for me.

    The site is well maintained, clean, and the staff are super friendly. They are located on the Nelchina trail network if you want to ATV ride out there. They also have an ATV wash for guests, which I sure appreciated. There was a playground too. We also appreciated the field they had out back where we could exercise our dog, who is ATV adverse and spent a lot of time sleeping on our bed.

    We would definitely go again. Full service pull through sites were $35/night in 2018.
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    sounds like ya'll are having fun, the only 50 A hook up is unusual, the one I see are usually, 20-30&50 amp. The 4 wheeler wash is a new one too but I am sure it will catch on. main thing is you are enjoying the park. Good Luck and Keep on Camping
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    Will add this to my Retirement RVing Bucket List!!! Looks beautiful!

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