Slide out or not...


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Jul 16, 2017
Davenport, Iowa
Ditto one what every one else has said about weight. Have you considered upgrading your tow vehicle as well? May be able to do an even (or close-to) even trade for a little bigger SUV or vehicle with a higher tow rating.

I have the slide on mine even though most trips its just me and the dog. So much less claustrophobic inside! When I do have friends that come along you can move around inside without tripping over one another.

The other thought for you to consider, used pup prices are usually lower this time of year. People selling before winter time. In the spring, demand will be up and it will be harder to find one, and when they do come available they will sell quickly.


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Nov 22, 2018
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Given that you have teenagers, you might can get by without a slide-out. I figure one or two of them consider themselves too cool to sleep with the rest of you, and would prefer a backpacking tent pitched under the rear bunk (backpacking tents are low enough to fit under there, usually, and the bunk would be extra shelter from any rain).

A 12' box will give you two king beds, and a little extra room to maneuver in the mornings/evenings or on rainy days. If weight is an issue, and it sounds like it is, maybe opt for a 10' box (king in front, queen in back) and use an add-a-room (a screen tent attached to the side of the camper) to give you some breathing space.

Tonya Harding

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Jun 15, 2018
One thing for sure, NEVER enough coffee lol... good name choice...if y'all are flatlanders & don't travel far, you MAY be able to swing closer to a max weight; myself, I'm in the more than I need under the hood crowd, I buy what I know I can tow w/ plenty of leeway; son used to prefer staying in a tent, & we carry what we know we'll need...1st time in a pop up resulted in a site that looked like a traveling carnival, told the wife no mas, we're un-arsing gear from here hence...good luck in your decision, lot of good advice in the above posts...


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May 8, 2011
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With that many passengers, you are not going to be safe with a slide out. Too heavy. When we were looking for something to tow with our Odyssey, we had to choose between a bathroom and a slide out, the bathroom won - no regrets. Had we had that many passengers, probably would have had to go even lighter. It's usually just DH and I in the van with occasionally two small grandchildren that don't weigh 100 lbs between them.


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May 11, 2015
We are a family of four people and two dogs. Our new pup has a slide out and, after camping in it throughout the summer, I will never be without a slide out again.
However, you will not find one that you will be able to safely tow with the TV’s you have available to you. If you aren’t able to upgrade your tv, a slide out is simply not an option.


Aug 14, 2017
QC, Canada
We have been looking to buy our first pop up for a few months.
We have 5 kids, 5-16 years old.
We have a Honda pilot and Honda odyssey to tow with.

We have looked at some with slide outs and some without. I know the slide out can be so nice for that extra floor space, especially with 7 people, but I am concerned with the added weight a slide out brings.

Both vehicles can tow up to 3500lbs, but we also have those 7 bodies in there plus all of our crap.

We have one pop up we are thinking of seeing now that is a 2000 Jayco Heritage. Lots of beds, but no slide outs and no storage box on the front.

Also, maybe we should just wait for spring to re-start our search. Our first camping trip is usually the last week of May or first week of June. We have always used a tent. ;)

Thanks for any advice!

A slideout is going to give you more empty space, nothing else, you are not looking for space for everybody to stand up at the same time the whole day... if you are going to be inside you will most probably sit at the table, play games, cards, read, etc. I suggest you to look at the whole internal distribution and setup, this is going to make the difference, also if it has an awning that you can close, that can double the usable area for everybody. IMHO the question is not if you want a slideout or not, it's how you are going to use the space when everybody's inside.

We have three kids, 5-12 years old, and the last three years we camped on a borrowed 8' PUP, we bought our first one some weeks ago, and doubted a lot about getting a slideout or not, our TV is an AWD and can tow 5000lbs, so weight was not an issue. After looking a lot we chose a 12' PUP without slideout, it pulls and behaves better than the 8' one, it also feels lighter, what really sold us on it is the fact that it has two tables, and on each end of the trailer, not on the side:



Dan from Troup

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Apr 25, 2018
Troup, Texas
Matching the TV with the camper is the first and most fundamental question over camper capacity. One could always pitch a tent for the kiddos to increase sleeping space. Just because a TV can pull a trailer down the road doesn’t mean it should if it’s capacity is exceeded for safety or the wear and tear on brakes, transmission and motor.


Jul 29, 2019
It's older, but my 1998 camplite by Dameon is about 2000lb dry weight with a dinette slide. So you can look for an older camplite with a slide.


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Jul 19, 2007
Dry weight is meaningless.. on a trailer that old dry weight won't include items like fridge,battery, propane tank,spare tire, awning etc..