Snow Storm Damaged Awning Bag

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    Hi we had quite a storm this week. In PA 30" in my location. The pup was next to barn. One day after the storm the snow slid off the steel roof of the barn. Dumped serious snow on the pup and travel trailer. I inspected the pup today and notice the bag awning pulled out of bar 20" at front and 10 inches at rear. Stitching failed and now it's unable to be towed.

    Should I get it restiched or just buy a new bag awning. 8 years old OEM Jayco
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    We had ours restitched years ago, had to find someone capable of heavy duty work but was less than the cost of a new awning and the awning itself was (and still is) in great condition. If the awning is still in good shape I'd at least search your local area for someone that could do the work and get a price. Start with the smaller upholstery shops that indicate they do work with awnings for example, and if they can't handle the job they would likely be able to point you in the right direction.
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