So, what did you do for your camper, October 2013?


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Oct 25, 2012
I sucessfully diagnosed the roof electrical issue and need a new connector.

Cleaned her up and will be putting her down in the next few days.

Jerry in MA


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Aug 23, 2011
Took Milly to a Rally also.. Had great fun and figured out that I would like to do some Mods to her now that I have had some practical use. Like a couple of roof racks and some shelfs. [RTM]


Wilbraham, MA
Aug 20, 2007
Western MA
shelmily said:
Pulled mine 10 hours to the sewer rally and 10 hours back. She worked great. One more trip in early November, then to sleep she goes.

For the majority of the site who does not know what the Sewer Rally is--can you share some context?


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Nov 3, 2012
Backed it into garage this weekend and started getting ready for winter. Everything I had done last winter worked well. I'll finish this week. Kind of sad knowing it's time for winter storage already.


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Apr 25, 2013
I found out that I can open it up almost 4 ft. in the garage! Need to make some 2by4 supports just in case and At least now I can go work on it this winter when I get bored. Now to plan what to do to it [:D]


Feb 16, 2009
my pup got a new set of tires, a hot rod water heater conversion kit, a 5 ft folding lifetime table, party light hooks, a new battery box and got to go to SEWER FEST. it was a very good pup this year so I had to spoil it a little. [;)]


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Apr 20, 2010
Finally, got Honda 2000W generator to run smoothly. Found a good YouTube video on how to clean carb. Apparently, today's fuel causes gunk to clog the jets.


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Jan 27, 2013
Returned from 4 days in the North Woods. Stayed at the Temperance River SP on L. Superior....beautiful place with views of the lake to the East, and vibrant fall colors behind. Weather was a little dicey with rain one day and about 3" of snow yesterday. Drove up to Forest Center in the Superior NF where the horrendous Pagami Creek Fire of 2011 finally burned out. The devastation was awe-inspiring. Hated to leave the North woods, but we both had to go to work. Got home and looked at the wife, but she shook her head, looked at the calendar-no help there, and then checked the rooster on the weather vane atop the shed...he was facing North. Sadly, today we cleaned her out, ran the pink stuff through the water system, and put her down for the winter [:(]

Grandpa Hiker

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Jun 9, 2013
1. Vacuumed out all of the stink bugs
2. Took her to Myrtle Beach State Park for 3 days.
3. Install hitch ball on the back of my riding mower. Now I can use the mower to easily maneuver the PUP around the 90 degree turn into my basement shop. (I also had to put a 40 lb counterweight on the front of the mower to offset the tongue weight of the PUP on the back of the mower.)


Aug 16, 2013
Cleaned her up and got her ready for the next trip. In Texas there really isn't a down time! I will however bring her in and do some maintenance once the holidays roll around and we have less time for camping.


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Nov 3, 2012
Bought a couple packages of Coleman mantles to leave in pup. Also bought a new box of dutch oven parchment paper liners. Trying to get it stocked up with things that can stay in over winter.