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Mar 3, 2005
Snow said:
Same reason's as above, plus we don't have to set up to let canvas dry..
Yeah, I meant to add the canvas drying out issue too...even though I used a tarp..being at the mercy of rainy weather sometimes drove me crazy. The first year we had our TT, we were out every available weekend we could get . It was a great decision for us and really did make it easier .


Dover, FL
Oct 28, 2008
We have yet to take out our new TT had it 5 weeks now. But plan to soon, this month hopefully.

But I'm still struggling with the decision to give in to the hubby and not get a hybrid. Seen two pop ups for sale this weekend and really wanted to stop and look, but I'm committed now to the TT and hope I love it as much as I did my pup once we get it out to the campgrounds.



May 18, 2013
We only had our pop up for one year. We bought the pop up because that was the only thing our Hyundai Sant Fe could pull. We liked having it better than a tent. We were fortunate enough to upgrade the TV to a Chevy Silverado last fall. We started looking at TT's the past few months and found an awesome deal on a 2014 Prime Time Manu. Avenge ATI with bunks and a slide out. We found that the pup was just to small for all of the stuff we take along. There was tons of storage in the pup but not enough for all of the extras. We would have stayed with the pup but we also wanted to extend the season and with the wife being a teacher it is tough to get packed and on the road early enough on a Friday evening. This way everything is packed. Just hitch up and move out.

Pop up is currently listed for sale in the "For Sale" forum if anyone is interested.


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May 16, 2008
Fort Worth Tx
For me it was the wife. She is so much happier with the TT. Hard sides ac that works in Texas heat. Her own bathroom. We camp more now than ever.


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
Since I have a TrailManor, which has hard sides but pops up, I still consider myself a popup camper. I switched to the TrailManor from my Fleetwood Yuma because I love long-tour camping trips and popping up and down every few nights took a lot of time and work. The TrailManor takes eight minutes to pop up the outside and set up the inside or to take it all down. On top of that I got the benefits of hard side security, a toilet and a shower while keeping the low profile towing benefit of a PUP. DW likes it better too.


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Aug 22, 2011
Our switch was due to my hubby's job. He works all over the country and instead of living outta hotels, he lives outta our camper. Saves us a ton because he normally doesn't get a per diem. Last year he lived outta our 21fter for 8 months. We traded that in for a 32fter and now the whole fams is full timing it with him in TX.


May 16, 2011
We sold our pup and bought an Outback 230RS hardside TT. We live in Wyoming, and for much of the year, it was too cold to use our pup. We originally thought we'd get a hybrid, but then realized it would be just about as cold. With the TT, we were able to take a camping road trip over Christmas break.

We also take long trips and, with all our stuff inside, the pup was too much work to set up on the road for one night en-route to our destination. So we often had to get hotels. Now with the TT, we can crash for free in a Walmart. We feel that the cost savings on hotels makes up for any increased gas expenditures.

We also save money by eating lunch in the camper on the road. A fast food stop can set us back $30...not to mention the time these stops can take. With a TT, I can make sandwiches in the camper while DH pumps gas for a small fraction of the cost and time. My kids can use the camper toilet and I can change the baby all in one quick stop.

While security wasn't a major factor in getting the TT, I have to admit there are times I'm happy to have the hard walls.

The bathroom is pretty sweet. I love that even when we're camping without hookups, I can take a bath. I just heat water on the stove and take a nice bath. I love boondocking, but hate feeling dirty after being outside hiking all day. Keeping all the kids clean helps keep the camper clean too.

Finally, while our pup had a lot of storage, most of it was under seat cushions. I felt like I was constantly digging through under-seat cushions looking for things. There wasn't any storage for clothes, so our duffels were always out on the beds/seats. I love that the TT has space for everything, no more digging.

Bottom line, I loved my pup and there are some things I miss about it. I would gladly take a pop-up any day. Heck, I'd take a tent or a tarp. I love camping.


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Mar 20, 2014
Long Island, NY
Similar story here, I have had 2 popups over the years, a '66 Sears, then an early Starcraft. The Sears turned into a Scout trailer for a few years, then when it became too rusty, became a nice small utility trailer. Bought the Starcraft from some friends who got a new one, and it served well for many years. Next I bought an old Puritan TT fixer-upper, used it for a few more years, and eventually became a cabin up north. Currently have a 27' TT, at my age it's nice to pull into a camp and be basically be ready to settle in.


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Jul 19, 2012
I hope my old body stays young enough to enjoy many more years in our PUP [:!]


Apr 30, 2012
For us it was a combination of setup time and space and wanting a bathroom (tub) for the kiddo. We had a 10ft box pup and we shuffled rubbermaid bins from one bed to the other, to under the table, to the other was musical totes! For us, we are avid campers, we camp every second weekend in summer, at least 8-10 trips a year. We take a lot of short trips, not just long ones.

With the TT, there is hardly anything to set up, so it's great when arrival setup day is raining. We had too many weekends last year where it rained all weekend, and boy did the pup get smaller with the three of us and an 80lb dog in there with all those totes. We will take short trips for just the weekend, and with the short setup time, we will head out friday night after work, arriving on site around 8 or so. Nice to just park, level, pull out the camp chairs and start a fire and relax. Now, we just leave it packed with it's own supplies and clothing, no more packing up totes and coolers. It's great, we just come home from work, eat, grab the fridge supplies, and go.

As for the running hot water and did I ever do without it?DD loves it. There is nothing worse than trying to convince a 4 year old to shower in a nasty, mildewy bug ridden camp shower. I love the itty bitty tub in our TT.


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Oct 16, 2011
We are switching over next year after a vehicle is paid off. Mostly for the reason stated. Set-up isn't horrible on my hard-sided PUP, but my brothers are done and hooked up to their TVs with their TT and come over to watch me still taking mine down, like it's a show or something. I would like the ability to have it open, up to the last minute for packing things, even when hooked up to the TV. The ability to get into the refrigerator and not have a larger refer. And to not have to crawl on the floor to get to everything. We take our cat and on the last trip that was a little longer, he had to pee in his crate and he wasn't happy about that. It would be nice to take longer trips than a couple hours from home, and be able to get into the trailer and let the cat go potty or to eat lunch, etc. Other than the gas mileage and the huge windows that they put in our PUP, I'm not really loving it.