Soft Off-Roading tires. Stick with ST tires, or move up to LT tires?


Feb 7, 2020
I did the axle mod and put 14" wheels with Taskmaster Contender TTT868 205/75-14 on my Coleman Sea Pine. I've pulled it up the Jeep trails in CO to go off-grid into the wilderness archery elk hunting. They have held up great! Biggest thing is a good tall sidewall. I have an electric tire pump so I can deflate my truck tires and camper tires some to allow for more cushion while traversing rocks/ruts/boulders along my routes. On the highway my truck doesn't even notice the trailer behind it. From NC to CO I held about 10mph over the posted speed limit. I also make sure that at a mid-point gas stop I re-grease the wheel bearings.


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Going NoWhereFast
Mar 25, 2015
Statesville, NC
I am on Forest service roads and "no Roads" almost as much as paved roads. I ran 14' ST (Trailer Tires) for 20,000. They work ok but definitely have a stiffer sidewall and much more bounce. They also like to be at max pressure as they are thinner on the sidewalls(yet stiffer). I now run 15" Light Truck (LT) tires and they are rated at 2800 lbs each for my 1900lb Aliner. I often air them down to 15-18lbs on back roads and off road. They give a lot nicer ride/pull and roll over junk a lot better. Also I like that they are rated for 85mph, though I would never drive that fast pulling a camper!!:eek:


Jul 22, 2022
Some tire manufacturers issue a load/pressure chart specific to their tires, if not you could use a general chart, google "load range tire pressure chart." Better not to guess.
There was an industry chart posted on this site of psi vs load rating, during a long discussion on this topic
So based on what I'm seeing, my stock ST145R12 that are 8 ply have a carrying capacity of 1220# at 65PSI, which is pretty close to the 2300-2400GVWR of my 1640LTD

Based on here: Special Trailer Tire Load and Inflation Table - I should be able to run ST175/80R13's at 40ish PSI for the same load, and I should be able to run them down at 30-35PSI off road (1100-1200# based on that chart) without issue as well.

Going to 14" or 15" would allow 25 PSI
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