Some Tips for Posting an Item for Sale

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    I want to put the following tip under the "For Sale" board. The below is a work in progress. Your suggestions would be helpful.

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Do not include a phone number or email address in your post. Use the forums PM or your registered forum email. The reason is spammers can harvest this information if in an open post.

    [*]Since you cannot edit your "For Sale" post, please post any updates by replying to your topic. Some reason to do this would be:
    • New sales price
    • Subtractions for a list of multiple items
    • Item has been sold

    [*]Once your sales is complete, you may contact the forum admin or moderators to have the topic deleted. You may do this by simply clicking on "Report to moderator", located at the bottom right-side of every post. Do this on the first post of the topic.

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