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    I popped into the Southwest RV show in Dallas this weekend. Spent a couple hours wandering the aisles. I really went to see what lightweight trailers they may have so I could evaluate floorplans. Most of the stuff they had was big - lots of 5th wheels, good number of motorhomes, and lots of 30+ foot trailers. However, they did have a decent selection of smaller trailers from a number of manufacturers. Lots of Jaycos, KZ, Coyote, Flagstaff and a few other brands that I can't remember already.

    As far as pop ups are concerned, they had 2 on the entire floor. Both Flagstaffs, a big HW with slide out dinette and hard shower, and a smaller 8' box one. Had about 5 or 6 Aliners, a couple Flagstaff a-frames and I think some Jaycos as well.

    They did have a few hybrids too which the last show was lacking. Biggest was a 21SS which was one of the floorplans I was interested in seeing in person. They also had a number of other hybrids from Jayco, Camplite and I think KZ or Coyote.

    On the light weight trailer side (think Rockwood/Flagstaff micro lite) they only had two Flagstaffs and no Rockwoods, and both were the same trailer, just one had bunks in the back and the other didn't. Also had some similar light weight trailers from other manufacturers.

    Saw a number of R-pods and T@Bs, couple other similar teardrop style trailers. The Heartland Terry Classic was on display as well, and a number of Retros. Bunch of Airstreams this time with a bigger emphasis on the trailers - the last show had more of the B-vans they sell.

    This was my 2nd show, and I learned a lot by sitting in and looking at more trailers with a better informed mindset and critical eye. I have knocked hybrids out of any future consideration. Every one I was in the beds felt small - I am spoiled by the dual king bunks in my pup, and the hybrids all had smaller traditional queen ones, if not even a little smaller than that. To me it seemed that the mattress was too small for the bunk platform. I also could feel the split in the mattress where it folds in half for storage, even with the heavy mattress sleeve they had on some of them. I know I could add foam to them to help but that would be one more thing to remove and reinstall each time I used it.

    I also really disliked the 21SS bunk platform. There was about a foot wide space between the mattress and the end of the platform on the interior. I guess they mean it to be an impromptu nightstand, but it was very uncomfortable on the thighs when sliding out of the bunk.

    By the end of the day I had pretty much decided that the only TT I am really interested in is the 25-28' twin bed airstreams. Even without a slide I felt they were plenty roomy, the twin beds in back were longer than any queen offered, and the front lounge/bed was plenty long. I really liked the 28' with the separate dinette and lounge across the front bulkhead, plus the 28' trailers can have dual ACs which appeals to me as I like it cold.

    Right now I think I am going to continue working with the pup, spend a little money to get some duplicate gear so I can leave stuff in it without having to constantly pack/unpack, and save up for a used airstream from the mid 1990s in about 4 years.

    Although there are some Rockwood/Flagstaff floorplans that I do like, I am afraid that if I do take the plunge for one I will still end up wanting to get an airstream later, and I am 100% certain that I will be completely satisfied if I wait to get what I ultimately want. By then my son will be getting ready for college, and thus my pup helper will be gone. Perfect time to sit back and relax in a TT while I explore a little more. However, I suspect the pup will remain in the family at that point, and I will pass it on to my son when I tire completely of using it after I am totally spoiled by the dark side. Until that time I will remain in the light (although it is much more grey with reflectix in 80% of my windows!)
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