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    Feb 27, 2008
    Can you use a space heater in a tent? I'm assuming as long as it is sitting on something sturdy and there is nothing flammable around it, it should be fine.

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    My first response is NO. But portable heaters have been improving. We used the old Coleman glow in the dark propane heaters couple of times in the tent, but never left it on when we were sleeping. The newer heaters have automatic turn off switches if tipped over. I still wonder if the heater could cool off fast enough to prevent a fire if it fell on something flammable. I would still go with the NO answer, mostly because there is no escape route from a tent in 20 seconds or less. Especially if you are asleep.

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    Yes, you can use an electric space heater or the proper propane space heater in a pop-up if you use some common sense. We place ours on the floor, remember hot air rises. It (they) are away from curtains, rugs, furniture, etc. just like you would at home. Also, the heaters we use are fully enclosed and don't get hot to the touch on the outside.

    We use one or two depending on how cold it is, last weekend at 24 degrees on Saturday night, we ran two. One is a small ceramic cube heater, backup heat. The main heater is a fully enclosed, oscillating heater that works wonders!

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