Spare tire load range lighter than load range of wheels on axel

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    I had to order a replacement wheel for my popup as explained in another post. This forced me to start thinking about my tire sizes and load ranges.

    My 2006 Fleetwood Santa Fe was bought used. The tires on the ground are 185 x 13 with a load range of D on aluminum wheels. The spare is on a different style, white steal wheel and with a 175 x 13 load range C. The 2006 parts catalog lists a mag tire/wheel and a spare tire/wheel, both with "Id D" but with no size designation other than 13 inch. I take the D to mean the construction of the tire and not the load range because when they list the tire only later, they use "LR D" which I take as load range D.

    So, did Fleetwood intend for me to use the Load Range C spare if one of the heavier tires failed? That does not compute.
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    It’s very possible the Past owner never bothered to replace the spare. My guess you will see the date on the tire is older then even the old tires you had on before you replaced them. One camper I got the spare was as old as the camper itself and we were talking 1990. The tires on the camper thankfully was much newer when I got it. My current camper I was just going to put the same tire I had on it when I bought it, but in talking with the shop, the tires I had on were not the correct weight for my camper. However in talking with the shop the tires I really need had to be special ordered where as the tires on my camper when I bought it is one nearly all shops have on stock.
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    As @jmkay1 said, most likely the past owner(s) did not bother to get a new spare when they replaces the other tires. i just got new tires and didn't replace the spare as it's been covered most of it's life and still within it's rated lifetime. The new tires are the same rating as the old and the spare, so no problem there. I had put a lot of miles on the old tires and because the suspension was off (which was also fixed), the tire wear was really bad. Otherwise I would have gotten another few thousand miles out of them.

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