Special Offer For Ontario Rally Attendees Only

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    As you may already know, I will be attending the Ontario Rally. I'm willing to bring a limited number of "Hard To Find / Cost Prohibition" items with me to the rally. Items like PopUp Gizmos and BAL Levelers to list but a few.

    I talked with Bob Pitney (of PopUp Gizmos) today and he figures that one could save $15 to $25 (I'm assuming that's US $) in shipping, depending on the item, by having your order sent to me and I'll being it to the Rally. Bob asks that you call him to place your order and to make sure that you let him know it is to be shipped to me. He has my address but I will also PM it to those attendees who will be taking advantage of this offer. You must also order from him before close of business on June 22nd. Any later and he can't guarantee that he can get the product to me in time.

    For ALL Items:
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Send me a PM to first let me know what you need and to verify that I can bring it with me.
    [*]Once verified, I will PM you my shipping address.
    [*]Place your order from wherever and have it shipped to me (you're not sending me any money!)
    [*]Make sure your order can be delivered to me no later then June 29th. I need time to pack it for the trip.
    [*]Let me know it is coming and give me any tracking info supplied by the vendor you purchased it from.
    Space is limited so start now!

    Note: Items can only be such that you would use for camping.

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