Split Rock Park in Garettson SD

Discussion in 'South Dakota' started by Jwwiff, Sep 21, 2020.

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    We overnighted at the city park along the Split Rock river. There were a couple of dozen sites. Most were good, some more obvious for tent campers. We had a small site that the camper set on was level, but the rest of the site was not. There were pit toilets and a bath house by the river/dam. The bath house was not open that weekend (presumably because it was after Labor Day). The area was nice. The campsites were close but not too close. There was water located near the centers of the camping. Electrical was located on each site.

    The campground was right on a rail line - trains came through mostly in the morning and before dusk. The rail is no mor than 50 yards from the campground. They are not annoying, just part of the ambiance!

    Sunday, a local independent church had services in the park which was appreciated by those so inclined passing through. They were meeting there partly because of Covid. SD is a mask-optional state so few were seen and folks did’t go all nuts on you if you did not have one.

    We ended up in SD by choice since I did not want to camp in Minnesota (we were coming back from the Black Hills on the way to the Minneapolis area) our last night. A good choice for a one-night stopover.
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    Sounds like you found a nice quiet CG, and enjoyed the visit. Good Luck camping in the future and happy camping.

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